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"PHO" EP Review [@AriLennox]

At this time of writing we're in the thick of cuffing season and you need a soundtrack for your thirst trapping, curving, DM diving, dates and if you're lucky enough bumpin' & grindin'. How about some "PHO"? This EP hits all those spots. Ari Lennox, Dreamville's latest signee, serenades us in a sultry soundscape that is as melodic as it is sensual. With one accompanying video for the track "Backseat" ft. Cozz (fellow Dreamville label-mate) and an extremely artful cover laden with watercolors surrounding our songstress's silhouette, the visual aspect is on point just like the auditory. 

I've been listening to this highly anticipated release since it dropped with sheer joy. Ari Lennox is so naturalistic in her aura and essences. This lends to an originality not often displayed from emerging singers.  I've seen people draw comparisons of her to Queen Badu, but I get a more Corrine Bailey Rae vibe personally. Maybe it's the track "La La La La" (my favorite track) that makes me say that, but that's just how I feel. Regardless, over the course of her development I can see her voice becoming instantaneously recognizable. 

A bit of an enigma who's done nothing but immerse herself in her craft as of late while dealing with everyday people problems like anxiety and stress, Ari Lennox deserves a spot on your playlist. She's worked hard for it and you can obviously tell if you're not tone deaf (no offense to the hearing impaired). With all things considered, "PHO" is an excellent appetizer and I'm dying to get a full course (album) from our down to earth siren Ari Lennox as soon as possible.

Julian Roden