What Would Julian Rafael Hassan Roden Do?


Still Alive...

Here we are at the end of 2016 and everyone has lost their collective shit as white supremacy has reared it's ugly head and come out of the shadows in politics, entertainment, and society in general. Me? I don't know quite how to feel anymore. I've been trying to stay abreast of my obligations while surviving and navigating this treacherous terrain we have laid out in front of us. Essentially I've been keeping myself busy to distract myself from an almost inevitable breakdown due to the continued decline of humanity into a dystopia of ignorance and opinions lauded as facts. So here are some facts of my own:

1. I wish there wasn't an age restriction on who could run for America's highest office cause if I was in that bitch right now we wouldn't be sending the nation backwards we'd be pushing the locomotive forward. We wouldn't be fronting change with buzzwords and phrases while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I'm eligible to run in 2032 and I hope you vote for me when I do. The shit might be uncomfortable cause I want to have some tough conversations but these are conversations that will be necessary. I'm going to be the real "non-politician" politician. Reparations are gonna be on the table for African Americans and Native Americans. We will formally acknowledge slavery and it's continued effects and practices as a nation so once it's seen it can be dealt with. We will solve the terrorist police brutality/murders together AND decrease the black on black crime (which is in no way correlative to police violence) due to the stranglehold on our communities. It starts with loving ourselves and one another. For the white working class I will help you stop getting exploited by the rich white people who use your struggles to their own advantage by blaming everyone but themselves (I.E. Muslims, Blacks, Mexicans, and refugees) while they laugh & grow fat at your expense, take your votes and leave you for dead. So there's that.

2. Music ain't dead but the Art of the criticism of Music is. People who are paid to review tracks and nominate the songs and albums for Grammys need to have their fucking ears cleaned out and the dicks removed from their throats. All year Music has been EXCELLENT. I mean 2016 is the best year in music since 2013 in my opinion that we are going to take as fact. So you tell me why Purpose by Justin Beliber and Views by Quentin Miller are nominated for album of the year when Radiohead, A Tribe Called Quest, and Anderson .Paak released what they did? I really don't know, you fucking tell me. The names that could replace many names on the end of the year lists of the best albums and songs don't because the industry is afraid not only of progress, but losing their meal tickets. Music blogs and the Grammy's ain't no better than mainstream media making a story every time the president elect sneezes. "What's gonna get us the most clicks and cause the most controversy" seems to be the yellow journalistic modus operandi (M.O.) of today's age. How about for once, JUST ONCE DAMMIT, we practice this thing called integrity or simply put; just doing what's right and giving credit where it's due? Kanye deserves an AOTY nomination over Quentin Miller and I didn't even like the hot fucking mess that was The Life Of Pablo. (My thoughts and prayers to my competition as he is recovering through this rough patch in his turbulent life).

3. Can weed just be legal already? Can we get people off these opiates/painkillers with side effects including death and give them God's gift to humans? Weed is a medicine that can help slow down the onset of Alzheimer's, treat PTSD, help people with eating disorders and eradicate cancerous cells in the human body (CBD oil), etc. Why is this still not a thing that's legal? Of course I know and that question was rhetorical, but I'll spell it out for the purposes of my opinions being facts, though all of this is factual on its's own and backed by research. The establishment doesn't want to "free the guys" (black men) incarcerated for trafficking weed cause America would have to own up to placing weed and psychedelics as schedule 1 drugs to oppress black and brown people. The war on drugs is a war on black people one of Nixon's cabinet member admitted, not that we needed him to because we have eyes. All the while white men are reaping the rewards of industrializing weed production as they place barriers to entry on what should be a free market that they want to be a monopoly. Weed is a big reason I'm still here on earth, cause without it I know I couldn't deal with this insanity and these contradictions.

Beyond all of that I'm still just in the lab doing everything under the sun trying to get noticed by everyone. I love everybody, even if I don't respect everybody. We are all one human race, or as I like to say single cells in the body of God. Let's treat the black ones with more respect. Let's treat the women with more respect. Let's treat the poor with more respect. And that goes for any marginalized group who deserves human decency. I just wish everyone could chase their dreams instead of taking out their frustrations from their shitty jobs on the ones they love. This could be heaven on earth, but you gotta want it first. I'm sending out love to the Syrian people who have an ongoing war crisis of the most importance right now. Keep your eyes on the Dakota access pipeline, them white people ain't done yet. And I'll leave you with these words of advice. Read. Drink less liquor.  Smoke more weed. Exercise. In the words of the great Makonnen, "Drink more water." Eat more leafy greens and less meat. Flick your bean or beat your meat. Meditate. Hug. Cry. Say something kind. Just don't fuck with anybody and make life more difficult than it already is. Peace, Love and Happiness to all once again. 

Julian Roden