What Would Julian Rafael Hassan Roden Do?


7 Human Degenerations [By: @NefieP]

Current Substance Cosumption

Many foods consumed are packaged and processed with manmade preservatives and additives, some of which have been proven or suspected to be toxic. It is widely known food high in fat, sugar, and salt contents. High vitamin, protein and carbohydrate consumption are detrimental to human health. A more natural, simple diet is what’s needed. Cigarettes, alcohol, and most legal and illegal drugs are blatantly toxic, as well. The burning of fossil fuels and improper disposal of consumer goods harm our bodily systems once introduced into our air and water. The rate and amount at which these substances are consumed makes the situation even direr. The consumption not only destroys humans physically, but mentally. People have been known to accept the physical damage, but if something was known to cause mental retardation or illness, would you still consume it?

Gender/Sexual Orientation Bashing

Men are better than women; women are better than men. All women are whores; all men are dogs. Women are a man’s downfall. Men are the source of all war and violence. Women are not worth more than making babies. Men are not worth more than making rent. How about men and women are equal. Yes, men and women are physically and mentally different. But, both, serve a distinct purpose, one of which is the same, the repopulation of the Earth. Sexual orientation is a personal concern that should not affect humans as it does. Whether it is considered genetic or product of nurture, sexual orientation is a natural aspect of all humans. If you do not like someone’s sexual orientation you should simply resolve not forming a romantic relationship with them.

Depreciation of Art

Art has become a sole product of business and profit worth no more than the money it makes, replacing aesthetic and social value. Saturation of the art culture is a main factor. Art creation was once a niche, a field belonging to true Artists, i.e. having quantitative talent, skill, knowledge, and practice. All humans have some artistic ability, but some ability is highly advanced differentiating those who should truly practice. The stealing from Artists, i.e. taking artistic work as your own without acknowledgment of the source, and the adamant promotion of Art which reinforces destructive social constructs and, or clearly lacks true artistic quality also contributes. The depreciation of Artists and Art can make all of what an Artist and Art represents depreciate in value, including a people and their Culture.

Lack of True Love

The idea of romantic love stands solid. Visions of a soulmate and falling in love are idealized to the point of sole importance. The strength in love of family and friends is gravely downplayed in comparison. This love ties into community camaraderie, and it more necessary than love of a sole one or few. Even our standing in romantic love is not as true. There is too much getting in and falling out of love. Humans are lost in truly knowing to whom and why to give romantic love. What true love is, is actual acceptance the people you choose to be around. It is being open and putting effort to understanding why a person is the way they are. It is taking time to truly learn a person before forming serious relationships of all kinds. And, overall, it is supporting humans in general.

Money Worship

Money and representations of it, of course, have no actual value, but phantom values are given reinforcing its destructive power. Every announcement of how much money you have, accosting yourself or someone to get money, idealizing those with a lot of money, and demeaning those who lack money adds power and value to it. Doing so also suggests praise and worship. Money is often spoken over all other sources of power, such as, the sun, moon, and God. Those who claim religion and follow the fore mentioned practices, basically, worshiping money, are undebatable contradictions and, unfortunately, fall under blasphemy.    

Racial Identification/Separation

The belief that race exists as anything other than the human race, i.e. vs an alien race, is proven false. The more it's discussed and acknowledged the more the social construct exists. The construct will never cease as long as humans perpetuate and promote racial divides and love. You want to be pro your "race" but, in reality, you are pro an unfound divisive construct. And, this is regardless of aim to uplift a marginalize group of people of a certain “race.” You intent may be positive, but the overall impact is not.    

Religious Righteousness

The belief a certain religion is the end all and only right of life fails at the fact no one knows the absolute truth or ways of the universe. Beliefs and hypotheses are necessary to the human psyche. It is okay to believe in something that gives you a mental boost and confidence. What you believe may, in fact, be true, but there is no absolute knowing. Therefore, religious righteousness is unsound and selfish. It is a product of ego, and acts of violence under it are clearly wrong. What will likely help humans, to the utmost extent, is a collective belief that surpasses individual belief and supports togetherness through our differences.

Julian Roden