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"Better Days Tomorrow" LP Review [By: @Kezthedude]

Lets define the word genuine. Genuine is the authentic and sincere quality of a person place or thing. Genuine cannot be fabricated. Genuine turns your homie’s mixtape into some coveted piece of generation defining folk art. Lets define folk art. Folk art is art of the people or pieces of work that represent a specific culture. The shame in labeling an album or any object of expression as “Folk Art” is that the term limits the reach of artwork.

Lets adapt this logic into the heavy deep internet buzz surrounding a mixtape called Better Days Tomorrow. This project is a cult classic. The 14 track deep tape is a cornerstone of our lost generation of 18 to 23 year olds. For those who have been touched by Dave Amazin’s music know what Better Days Tomorrow means to them. This review are for those kids who have yet to be exposed to the transparency of Dave Amazin. Rap lacks honesty. Sure there is beauty in abstraction ambiguity. Sure there is emotion in loud grandiose cries of masculinity. Rarely do you hear an M.C like Dave that can speak on the most minuscule details of life. His bars are universal.


“We can't slumber asleep without your voice hittin my line speakin sweet nothins, When I told you how I felt I wasn’t frontin I didn’t say it for nothin I know you probably takin it now didnt wanna blow up your texts so I wrote you this rap, I am a sucka for you.” - Dave Amazin

Not to mention...

This project features the most experimental trap beats I have ever heard on a rap project. As a producer, I would say 90% of these beats are so intricate that they could have existed on their own as instrumentals. The moments where this mix-tape reaches legendary levels are where Dave sheds his light and personality on these incredibly composed futuristic beats. Take “Passive Aggressive” as an example. That song is like a cool blue and periwinkle sheet being draped over the eyes of a pessimistic Drake fan. It speaks to the relationship dynamics of modern young adults. In today’s youthful relationships partners want to be equally independent. 

As Dave puts we “Don’t wanna look thirsty”. Silent treatments. Passive Aggression. Phone Calls. DM’s. Alcohol & Weed. I advise that every guy to listen to this song because it will help them to better understand their more “shameful” (don’t be ashamed be amazin) or emotional qualities. When this project ended i was sad. Dave Amazin has staked claim and real estate in my Itunes, cd rotation, as well as my mind. This project is for everyone to enjoy and should not simply be a cult classic. Shouts to Laghima for the perfect production on the Outro of the project. There are few independently released rap projects as clear as real and as cohesive Better Days Tomorrow. Keep making music Dave Amazin. Chicago Misses you. Do well in Virginia. Thank you for the best parting gift you could have given us.

(JRHR Sidebar) The cover is inspired by Jackson Pollock's brain child, just in case you don't know the orign of the "paint splatter" style of Art

Julian Roden