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"Paradox" EP Review [@Khori4]

Khori4 is a Saint Louis native, but got that Chicago soul. Khori4 is an Artist, and engineers his own shit. Khori4 is the fucking man plain and simple. Why? He's been crafting his own sonic wavelengths and visuals that cannot be compared to any of the top dogs, thus displaying a rare dose of originality. In the Entertainment industry there are pros and cons to such claims as the ones I make about Khori4. Enter: Paradox

Khori4 is a radical revolutionary with a very strong message, but has also got that get money mentality that you need in the rapping/singing profession. Here's where it gets sticky... We all know not that money is evil, but the love of money is evil... We also know that money changes everything... And the climb to affluence and the more money the more problems... This duality and balancing act places Artist like Khori4 smack dead in the middle of the being a somebody with talent and being a world wide recognized star when every nigga is a star (now again). The more money for production the better quality product as can be shown in his latest visuals. This also means more money to divvy and more credit to give to collaborators. As you might imagine shit starts to get messy. The Artist gets caught up in the midst of who helps who get to where they wanna go and who deserves what when checks start getting cut when the genius lies within the Artist himself. The bulk of the work of Khori4 is Khori4's effort and this is paramount in understanding the complexity and feat of his creation.

Paradox is a perfected poet's project. That's really the best way I can describe what is to be regarded as one of the best EPs of 2015 and at the moment of this writing we're halfway through. There's really not a bad song on it (TO ME). And what I mean by that is opposed to dissecting the bad parts (if any), I'm highlighting the fact that the theme, lyrics, chronological track order, and production is flawless in it's entirety. I can't say anything bad because I understand. I get it. This is ridah music. This is some shit you turn on around some pretty women at an after party you threw. This some shit you turn on when you're reflecting about life and all your dreams/goals to achieve. This some shit you turn on when you're having a bad day that you see no way out of in a positive mood.

Whereas he's in his own lane, and his audience humble, I'm sure it won't be soon before long Khori4 starts doing numbers like he's Drake; that spot so many wish to take. Only time will tell, but numbers aside you have to admit the potential is perpetual. This man is a powerful force in music with influence that stretches to the top as we all know they get their culture from us. And by us I mean the ones really out here in the field still hustling by choice. The people's choice. The one's who've turned away label deals and stayed Troo to self. The ones who ain't scared to get their hands dirty. The ones who live legendary, not commercially. Khori4's got the power and is leveraging it very wisely. The man who plans for tomorrow is usually the man who's prepared for it. I'd say an 8 track EP with 4 accompanying visuals is a great plan. That's just me doe. Kudos Khori4.

Julian Roden