What Would Julian Rafael Hassan Roden Do?


N.W.O. A Guide For Creating Constructive Change [By: @NefieP]


   I am not a philosopher, nor a politician. I do not have a doctorate, nor care to have a doctorate in any academic field. I am only a writer. I am a writer who utilizes the effectiveness of writing. Writing is a form of communication and I write with that function. I believe there are ideals that should be communicated that are often not. There is a whole realm of untapped thinking. And, I believe, we are so unapologetically unaware of our own human qualities to an extent it prevents substantial change. I was told by a close friend things will change 300 years from now when people are more advanced (length of time given in sarcasm, but still to suggest a while of time). But, why not now? Are we as humans not capable of dramatic change? At this present time, are we not developed enough as a species basically being the Neanderthals of the age?

   I take time to observe things and process them as logically as possible. I designate to reflect that logic in writing and everyday life. Emotions, too, are logic if you simply understand it as the human way. Forget what can be considered absolute truth. What we see is truth. We shape our reality. Common knowledge, for example, is what the majority sees therefore it becomes true. Now, the word majority is key. “Life is what you make it” is a very valid saying. But, you is not just, you, the individual; it is everyone around you. ‘You’ can be replaced with humans. A collective conscious is key to any ruling reality.

   I am person who believes in justice and goodwill. I believe in humans being what they are designed to be — humane—. In lieu of current events regarding ever prevalent racism and injustice to people of certain backgrounds, I believe this essay is just in time, perhaps, even late. As I am writing this there is atmosphere and attitude for radical change. This essay is inspired by notion, as well it is to inspire it. It is not written to be difficult to understand. In no way did I want to make this essay hard to read with superfluous language or sophisticated vocabulary. Even the proper essay form is not of any true concern for me.

   I want to create a specific idea of change. There is a bigger picture we marginalize in our efforts to make change. But, there are some who do view a vaster scale. The term "New World Order" may be familiar (anyone can look it up). There are people who created this futuristic idea, and there are people who seek to make it reality. Truthfully, a shift in order is needed, as it is inevitable. It is, as it should be, time for a phenomenal new order. What will the New Order be? Is it decided for us or can we change it? Do we sit back or do we take action? The following essay should answer these questions.

N.W.O.: A Guide for Creating Constructive Change

   Society is flawed to the upmost degree. I bet, if you took a survey of the general population and asked the question “Does the world need to change, or should it stay the same?” you will get an overwhelming response to it needing to change. You would likely get answers based on people seeing societal flaws and wanting them to change, people who have accepted things the way they are, or people who are more or less ignorant to the flaws or gravity of the flaws, but, in all, the first statement of this paragraph cannot be argued. It is human nature to be flawed, yes. Nothing is perfect, true, but when something can better, especially to such a great extent, why not change it? Many, with pessimistic feelings, will say “What can I do?” “What can anyone do?” —I have even seen people with a higher consciousness fall into this powerless attitude—. There is always something. And, a small something is better than nothing. Maybe, you need more reasoning? Maybe, you need more solutions? But, just remember, “where there is a will there is way.”

   First, let us clear all ignorance. Any doubt our current societal world needs to change must be removed. Yes, you may be living well, having everything you seemingly need and want, but at what cost? Does your true happiness come in the form of current societal views of security? Does the constant feeling of wanting more keep you from epitomizing true happiness? Ok, now let us move away from the selfish, self-absorbed existential crisis of the average well to do man and woman. Let us look more into our jeopardized humanity. I will skip all rhetoric of conspiracy theory and focus on what we humans can all agree to be true: what we see. There are unbelievable amounts of people who go hungry, and, an even more, unbelievable amount food that is wasted (thrown away) every day. You have places where gluttony can never truly be considered a sin, because surely those places would have already disappeared in the fiery pits of hell. Then you have places where bloated bellies of babies are a societal norm and affluent people watch on. The disparities of poor, middle class and the wealthy/rich are dangerously present and growing. Why are some people living in subpar living conditions and others well off? Luck of the draw you can say —the only other option to us humans have become the epitome of inhumane.— And though small efforts are better than none, we cannot substantially help by creating and donating to charity. Charity, in all respects, is a mere band aid to a fatal wound.

   Next is racism and prejudice, which may or may not be the cause of all calamity in the world. Being racist and prejudice to gender, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or anything that makes a human who they are and does not inflict harm on another human, might as well be considered a mental disorder. Being this way has all the characteristics of defined mental disorder, especially the aspect of being a harm to oneself and others. Racism and inhuman prejudice kills. I, personally, would be more fearful of a racist than someone who is, in example, considered schizophrenic. I do not see why a person of a racist or extreme prejudice nature be treated differently than any other mentally disabled body. If a person who is considered bipolar needs monitoring and treatment, then so too a racist, again given the current definition of mental disorder. Here is something else to wonder: in relation to prejudice, how and when did we decide as humans that the roles of men and women are not equal? Men and women were obviously made different for a divine reason. We each have distinct roles to make our human selves work; without it humans are ineffective. Somehow, though, we have a divisive hierarchy. We have become so busy dividing ourselves we have neglected our biggest problem of all.

   We are physically destroying our Earth! A person in their right mind would not intentionally fill their home with toxins or burn it down. Well, guess what? Earth is our home. Our lackadaisical ways of protecting our environment exemplifies our flawed ways. We have extensive knowledge needed to protect our environment, and yet we do not utilize it to a necessary extent. We are so out of touch with ourselves we fail to protect our own existence. If the Earth is gone so are we. We and all our superficial issues will vanish to absolute nothingness.

   If thinking on a large scale is not enough, let us look back at our current societal world as humans. Is working 40 hours or more a week just to survive in a certain standard of living a fulfilling life? Is the undervalued and inadequate education of ourselves acceptable? Is the physical and mental health of humans not necessary for the most productive society? We are only harming ourselves, whether it is directly or indirectly. It uterlly makes no sense. Us is destroying us as we speak.

   So, how do we as humans solve this problem? Obviously, we cannot keep on the way we have. There is no more room for reluctant or halfhearted acceptance and change. We must change our inherited lives. We must go against our self-destructing habits.

   First, we as humans can remove the current system of power. Too much of the world’s power is in the hands of too few people. These people are clearly not effective enough. We go about lives as so called leaders are slowly, but surely destroying them. This is regardless if we want to consider it purposeful or accidental. We humans need to improve and take more control over our leaders. This might mean abandoning a whole government. This might mean destroying a regime. It might mean literally fighting to live in humane world.

   We, as humans, must also destroy the foundation to current power: the money system. Money —if it has been anything different— has become a marker and enforcer of divisiveness. The current monetary system has taken away value from what is actually valuable. It has become a label of human worth. And with money being worthless we in turn are worthless. We must regain our worth, our actual value. Not only that, we must give and maintain value to all things to which sustains our existence. We should no longer give exceeding value to things of limited value such as oil and diamonds. We must take away all money and similar representations of value or make created representations equitable for all contributing humans. Stop spending and give to one another! We need to see we can still survive, even fittingly for superficial ideas of survival, without it.

   Finally (this may be the most important), we humans need to stop dividing ourselves! We need to see ourselves as the human race, not races of humans. If an alien race was to wage war on us it is highly unlikely it will be against only certain humans. We all have our place and roles. We all have our natural ways of being, clearly, for a divine reason. It must be necessity for progressive existence. In all, if we consume ourselves with divisions we leave ourselves vulnerable to total extinction.

—We need a new world order that preserves our existence.—

Julian Roden