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"The Cost Of Victory" LP Review [@VicSpencer]

*Steps out of time machine* The Rapping Bastard is back at it again. Vic Spencer keeps the spirit of hip hop alive with an album that sounds like the natural progression of the genre's counter culture roots. I was going to start off with the project's weaknesses, just to get all the negatives out the way, but then I realized the projects biggest "weakness" is actually the appeal. It's straight "bahs" as Vic Spencer would say: "They don't make this kinda shit no more". That being a line pulled from the only song with a hook, the aptly titled "Sony Walkman", a hook being the only thing saving you non rapping bastards from not being heard.

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Vic is at the top of his game after being a brewing volcano on the Chicago Rap scene for the last 5 years. After countless overlooking people are staring to take notice of Mt. Vic, the giant responsible for putting on many of the top ticket names coming out of the Indie Chicago Rap scene. The culmination of his experience traversing this bucket of crabs we call "Chicago" is vividly detailed with grimy ass bahs that'll go over ya head cause Vic ain't for the average listener. That's a challenge to dissect every single bar, appreciate every single punch line and entendre he so skillfully provides on "The Cost of Victory".

We live in an age in Rap where singles rule and people talk more about working more than they actually work. This album is an experience that should be played in it's entirety and enjoyed thoroughly. Turn your ADHD off and immerse yourself in the world of Vic Spencer. From the painted cover he got done for free by his brother of 13 years, FHD, to the immaculate mixing and mastering shared by @MixedByDC and soulful, nearly tear inducing production by @DocDaMindBenda. This is the bearing of an Artist's soul as he places some of the most personal experiences in his life in the music while also scoring a feature from the likes of his musical idol Sean Price alongside other close collaborators such as, Sulaiman, ILLA Ghee, Black Spade, and Yaw. You're watching a beautiful thing in the blossoming of Vic Spencer if you're actively listening to his work and paying attention to the openness and love he returns through social media to all of his now ample and exponentially growing fan base. The man even quit his job on his rise as an emerging Artist showing you this man's seriousness. He's ready to start collecting his Rap Royalties being a King in this shit. He details this in his "Relapse" video which can be seen below. I FUCKS WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT.

Look, to be honest it's way too many quotables on this project. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but I'm still digesting Vic Spencer bahs from previous releases; which is an amazing thing and shows you this man's work effort. It's gonna take some time to memorize the tracks from "The Cost of Victory" but I can see myself doing so and think it's something that's totally worth it cause it's quality music that deserves to be in your rotation. This is only a few days after it's release and I don't want to make the mistake of many others by overhyping this man for the sake of being liked and gaining some clout like the white boy blogs. It's lasting appeal is to be determined when placed next to the many other efforts by many other competing Artist. We're not gonna make the tall tale mistake of labeling this Classic out the gate, but understand it's contending. It captures a moment of time so perfectly like those fancy DSLR's everyone carries.

While the upgraded version of Vic Spencer continues to evolve and keep up in this young man's game we have an obligation to support someone who has such a respect for his craft while being flexible enough to get with the times in his transition from OG in the Chicago Rap scene to new comer to the pool of nationally regarded Rap stars we clamor for releases from. You know, the Artist that get you drippin'/droolin' when there's even word of an upcoming release. That being said, in celebration of "The Cost of Victory" it's almost time for "VicTree"… Cause in this young man's game ya only funky as ya last cut.

Julian Roden