What Would Julian Rafael Hassan Roden Do?


The Present State Of History [By: @Kezthedude]

The way we record history is changing. Innovation is becoming more frequent and is being documented at a different rate than in the past. Gaps a thousand years long are lost from the timeline of humanity. Nowadays we don’t allow ourselves to miss a beat, an hour a minute a second. Blood was the currency of the earth. Its garnet frequency embodies value of life. Blood was spilled in conflict in order to progress. To evolve implies two forces. Old and new. Evolution is the push and pull between these two things therefore it is the third thing. The third thing is what completes the pyramids in Egypt. The third thing is what closes Jay-z’s hands into a triangular shape. The third thing is what gives a story climactic structure. Controversy is drama and in western culture drama is valued for its compelling nature. As a race of humans the commotion of controversy intrigues us. Even the hints and whispers of drama entice us to open our ears to the gossip. To place yourself in the center of controversy in today’s media is an application for fame. Politicians stand behind podiums posing for pictures on twitter talking about the issues. Why?  The Analytical question the makes a philosopher must be posed. Why do people care about the issues, the problems, the war, the horror of the world?

Because the tragic elements of a fear inducing story are all the beginnings of a hero. Tragedy marks the start to a story surrounding a martyr. The conflict is crucial. We as a society care about the problems because they are expensive. The cost of society’s realest problems are the quality of Life or often LIFE itself. The revolution has moved from the television to the internet. Our sky, our future and our internet all, instantaneously morph from the present to part of the past. As humans living in today’s age we are no longer without the tools necessary to craft a place for our individual selves in history. We can record ourselves and our lives through a variety of media. To be a progressive in the now is to be remembered later. The current view of Plato, Socrates, JFK and Martin Luther King is nothing short of legendary. Their significance cannot be underestimated or forgotten for they transcended the moment and spoke to the hearts of the humans around them as well as the minds of today. Hindsight bias from the madness of those we praise in nostalgia. Progressive are scoffed at in the moment. Exiled. Beaten. Arrested. Murdered. Spoofed. We mock Kanye. They exiled Socrates.

As I said before we have the technology to become progressive human beings yet there are far too few of us with balls to stand in a warzone. Far too many of us would like to stand impartial and unbiased to the strife of others. The internet has made us scared. I’m lookin for a fight. I’m lookin for a conflict and a reason to get out of bed.

I make music. What bugs me is that music is not enough. Music is the soundtrack to the movement. Music is sung on the streets as feet wet from hoses and hydrants were tapped against the floor in perfect rhythm. Fire spreads faster than water. Fire is intense and seemingly destructive yet with time invites new life to grow. Water soothes preserves and sustains life that is older than the humanity. The life that water encourages is outdated and far less advanced. These two forces (water and fire) meet in extreme states and create the land.  In abrasive contact they create the stage in which we tell our favorite stories. Land is the canvas in which we paint our visions. When our eyes our closed we see things as they could be. The potential energy of things resonates far better when we limit what we see. Naturally humans share the ability to imagine what our world could look like if only. We were born out of sin and sin was the product of our curiosity. Our greatest power is our ability to question yet it is what got us into trouble in the first place. So they say. Who are they? They are the tellers of the greatest story in all of western culture. A story full of tragedy, sacrifice and triumph comparable to the same tales we find ourselves reiterating to this day. Our expression is the result of the sensory input that makes its way into our mind. This sensory input or information travels into our brain through the power of experience. Constantly we are impressed with experiences and stories still untold. Artists have been known to get struck by inspiration from the provocative happenings of life. We often think of the work that these artists produce as the end of the journey of the experiences that caused the product. The cause and effect perspective limits ones understanding of product, art, creation. Expression is just the beginning of an ideas effect. It marks the birth of a ripple that will vibrate throughout culture whether people are aware of it or not. If an album is made but no one hears it does it still make a sound? If a movie is made but it is never seen is it still a moving image?

When creation is consumed by the public then it must be digested. Once media is digested then two things may happen. Understanding or Bewilderment. This is a very ideal look at the process of product consumption because time is the ultimate factor in digestion. Time must be allotted so that ideas can fully travel through ones system and out into the world. However these are the exact ideas that the world needs. Complex is the new simple. Design is the new frontier. Finding a way to deliver huge load of history, and data from computers into human beings is the task we all must complete. Be efficient. We will spend our time organizing the internet in a fashion that best suits the way humans learn. To aggressively and effectively change people’s perception of life is my goal. My fight is to show everyone what we’ve accomplished as a human race. I am confronting the future with a dialectic approach. In order to be impactful I realize we must go against the grain. I first must understand the flaws in the way information is structured. I must first experience tradition. I first must be pained with a lack of mental stimulation before I am forced to myself revolutionize something, anything, Everything! I first must revolutionize forever the way people look at nothing. What you could not even begin to see or believe you soon will know to be true.

Julian Roden