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"TREE + CRACK" EP Review [@MCTREEG + @ChrisCrackNDC]

And just like that out of fucking nowhere another Tree and Chris Crack collabo fell out of the sky. This time it was no theme. Just straight dope. Drugs are a great Christmas present. You get a dose of TREE + CRACK. What a potent combination these two drugs make. I haven't gotten to crack yet, but from my father's experience I'm aware it's one hell of a drug. Tree expresses his own relationship woes with his father on the 4th track of the EP "MARV" with the same very openness I just established with my connection. The 80's were crazy man. But look what the product of these rolling stones brought! Brooding, intelligent, young black males who are at the top of their games and teaching their sons better.

After dropping joint EP after EP after EP Tree sent over the beats for the project to Chris Crack whom put some features and personal projects on hold and as he "Heard this and said fuck sleep, Tree told me get 'em now they lunch meat". Chris Crack obviously understands the magnitude of Tree's ear for this shit. That being said so does the rest of the New Deal Crew who lent beats and features such as @TmthyTrtl produced " Chicken Pocks" and the heavily stylized @CuttaNDC who shut shit down on "Kicked Out". Oh, and you can peep the video for "Chicken Pocks" below.

Not often do two Artist display the chemistry these two share. Like a sherm high after a 3 day drunken sex binge, TREE + CRACK is a fun filled, balls out display of ignace and style. The actions I just stated may be frowned upon, but niggas is just focused on living life right now. And you really livin' life if you know about that TREE + CRACK, though the whole going on a 3 day drunken sex binge followed by a sherm high isn't advised. Butttttttt I'm no doctor… 

Naan these niggas in front of Tree, Chris Crack, Tmthy Trtl, Cutta or any of the New Deal Crew, self included. SoulTrap is alive and well. And no more can you fuckers get away with putting out wack projects or doing shitty reviews.

Julian Roden