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"Nathan" LP Review [@Kezthedude]

The Dude has outdone himself.  Feeling he's departed too far away from his actual identity Kez The Dude titled his debut album Nathan, Kez's real name. With Nathan he sets out to define who that is in concise terms in a Dream Pop/Hip Hop mixture that is reminiscent of a dream itself. He hits all the right chords blending his story with philosophical musings, questions for God and all the while admiring his environment and family members. He's tapped an array of local independent Artist on the Chicago scene to not only feature on the album, but for the album roll out with a countdown of vignettes and photographs as promotional material. I myself made a vignette after he asked me to help out with the countdown. I told him to shoot me the best track on the album (Omission) and I had it for him the next day.

Normally I'd start diving into the features and what sonic palettes Kez is offering the world, but instead I want to talk about the idea of what it is to be an Artist and why you should just take the time to form your own opinion about the album instead of taking my word for it. As the world waits on Frank Ocean to release new music they forget that Frank Ocean is not the Alpha and the Omega when it comes to singer songwriters. With that being said, Nathan has some of the most potent lyrics I've heard from any album EVER. As an Artist myself I am envious and will be tapping Kez for my own personal debut if he and time allows. That's how good the things he's saying on Nathan is.  He's opened the door to his life for the world to see and within his vulnerability shows strength. For an Artist that is paramount. Society has this thing where they feel the need to know every single fact there is to know about an Artist and they forget we're people with very abstract feelings and perspectives of life. We just become these sex objects who make pretty things. Well Nathan proves Kez The Dude is anything but that. He's an Artist's Artist. He's one of my favorites.

Yes, Kez The Dude opens up his life for public consumption, but it's for you to peer into and relate, not adopt or manipulate. It's honest. It's raw. It's fearless really. Often times in this turbulent world it's hard to find beautiful things, but here this beautiful man bears his beautiful soul, for whomever takes the time to receive it. My God does this man have soul. I'm just happy I have the mind and spirit to recognize it myself. I hope the world catches on. I pray the world catches on. I wish the world catches on. If it doesn't the audience who has been privileged enough to recognize the magnificent work of Art that is Nathan, the man and the album, are a minority that I'm proud to be a part of. BUT, Nathan is out on all major streaming channels so there's no excuse. Search : "Kez Nathan" on Apple Music, Google Play or Spotify and thank me later.

Julian Roden