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"Melodramatics" LP Review [@MFnMelo]

Honestly I don't even know where to start with this one. I literally been waiting on this project for years and I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed (hence why I'm even taking the time to review it), but I never knew exactly what to suspect. With that being said Muhfuckin (as those who know him refer to him as the Melo is silent) has nonetheless pleasantly surprised me with a motivational get up and get to it album full of bangers. 11 bangers to be exact. Just play this shit from front to back. This OG Pivot Gang member (lol) knows what the fuck he's doing sonically.

This is his debut album that's been released on all major streaming platforms from Muhfuckin's humble Soundcloud roots. And it's off to a great start as far as numbers go for a freshman effort from a severely underrated MC from Chicago if Soundcloud plays are any indication. Contexually this is important because his fellow creative comrades such as Saba and Joseph Chilliams have garnered the most attention of any Chicago acts that don't have Chance The Rapper's dick shoved down their throats or are from Save Money or both. I'm happy we can have some more reflective figures who I think represent our city more accurately and more importantly, diversely, considering how large the talent pool is. Muhfuckin', as I said, is severely underrated, only being out rapped by my top 3 Chicagoan Rappers (whom also are my top 3 overall living rappers) Chris Crack, Vic Spencer and Tree. If he's not on your radar now that bitch might be fuckin' broke bruh. Cause in some years if he go harder those spots could swap. Who knows. But this album begins to put him in that conversation.

Every single leading up to this album (especially Pearl Vision) was like an overture to his lore he presents with the Art direction of this album. It's almost a self titled feel but it's more about the concept of the MFn Melo Universe. What does it mean to be a big rap nigga with charisma in the Chi is the picture that's being painted and also the question being posed by the current 4th most talented spitta from the Go. The project's production is done all in house keeping the Music close to the subject of the development and blossoming of Muhfuckin', cause who knows you better than ya own niggas, ya know? Not too many skits or interludes. Pivot Gang keeps it pure. There's a soul to it all because of this restraint. But not only does it have a soul, but it's a smart album. It's arranged in a way that makes the album make sense while not doing too much.

So you get it. I love this shit. I want you to listen to it and love it too. I been endorsing this shit to all my people's in real life, "Like you ain't up on this? Turn that Herbo off and listen to some real bars with expert literary device delivery my nigga.". And while you at it follow my mans and maybe go support a talented brother at one of these shows he's always doing for little to nothing in these intimate settings while you still can... before white folks start buying all his tickets up.

And I ain't know him, but as a professional and personal platitude I'd like to extend my condolences: RIP John Walt. I know he meant a lot to Pivot Gang and everyone else he touched and I know John Walt Day is gonna be legendary.

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