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"Midnight Moonlight" EP Review [@ravynlenae]

I was browsing Twitter on the morning of March 3rd, 2017 and my Artistic Spidey senses started tingling. There was a disruption in the Force. I see a cute face in my Who to Follow suggestions. But a just a pretty face Ravyn Lenae is not. A Black woman from Chicago, she had literally just released her 2nd EP and I was blessed enough to have stumbled upon her (considering I don't follow any culture blogs or publications anymore). I decided to delve into her project right away because she had started RTing a lot of rave reviews of her work onto my TL and it was only 7AM. Immediately I was taken aback from the originality and soothing sounds of her voice that I can only describe as siren like. I knew I'd like every single track based off listening to the first one and my peering over the provocative titles of her songs. And as I listened I was absolutely right. This shit is cohesive and the fidelity of the sonics are as fine tuned a sound as I've ever heard. It'd be way too easy to draw comparisons of her. I'm only going to do it for the sake you'll give it a listen, as I've found niggas don't like getting out of their comfort zones and trying new things much. Wanna hear a New Age Sade? Wanna hear a more down to earth FKA Twigs? This is your girl. With that being said, let me continue working my favorites into my rotation and checking out the rest of her discography as I'm sure by the time an LP rolls around I'll be damn near touching myself to it. Don't take my word for it though, give it a listen below or on all major streaming platforms. You can be sure if there are any visuals I will update the review. In the meanwhile talk this gifted woman up cause we need more talent and less gimmicks in the Music industry.

Julian Roden