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"Primary" EP Review [@KARIFAUX]


The bell bottom rockin', take no shit, doe eyed caramel beauty from Little Rock, Arkansas is shoving her foot in the proverbial door with this one. It comes to little surprise of mine that Kari Faux would be the Artist to usher in a new G-Funk era. After releasing singles, an EP and shooting low budget, but high quality, visuals for her tracks Kari Faux started gaining traction on the net when "No Small Talk" started circulating social sites and got a bump from being featured in the hit show "Atlanta". Eventually she'd go on to collaborate with Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) again by providing sultry background vocals on "Awaken, My Love". She did even more one off tracks for shows like "Insecure" and further cemented her sound and garnered more well deserved exposure. And with all that foundation building leading to "Primary". 

These are definitely kickback/cookout vibes. The production has a stripped down, live quality about it, but I wouldn't go as far to call the EP itself lo-fi. It's more so jazzy boom bap. This shit'll keep you bouncing your shoulders and bobbing your head. The repetitious quality of the music ensures you don't really have to actively listen to enjoy. It's not boring, it's Music with lyrics you can study over and still formulate sentences of your own if you're reading or writing. Vocals on Primary have more a of an instrumental role and it plays well for what this is.

Where this is standard, basic Kari Faux, it serves as an excellent platform to those unfamiliar with her as a whole, and a nice appetizer for a full length effort for more seasoned fans of her Black Girl Magic. Everything about Kari Faux is polarizing and hypnotizing, nothing about her being illusionary. She performs her act with great prestige.

Julian Roden